Bár nem vagyunk a standoknál, a kiállítók november 16-ig még mind az 1000 állásra várják a jelentkezéseket.

Roche Szolgáltató (Európa) Kft.

What we do

Roche Services (Europe) Ltd., located in Budapest – the biggest of three service centers around the world – supports the whole EMEA region providing global support and consultancy to more than 120 Roche subsidiaries in finance, procurement, human resources and IT processes.

We not only offer long-term stability and great benefits for our 1200 employees in Budapest, but with a modern office and motivated, youthful colleagues every day is a new adventure.

Our selection process

● After applying for Roche, you can expect a phone call

● During the phone interview, your field of interest, motivation, professional background and language knowledge will be discussed

● In some position, technical tests / other language tests are also required

● In case of successful accomplishment you can participate in 1 or 2 round of online interview in order to stay safe in this pandemic situation

● Last step contains an offer or feedback about your performance

Our job locations


  • Informatikai
  • Értékesítés, marketing, HR
  • Pénzügy, számvitel, logisztika
  • Elsősorban nyelvtudást igénylő

Roche Szolgáltató (Európa) Kft. Jobs

About the company

Roche Szolgáltató (Európa) Kft.


120, 31, 1200, 2006, 14 – it is not the Fibonacci sequence, these numbers describe our company. Check them out!

Roche Services (Europe) Ltd., as an affiliate of Roche Group, has been operating in Hungary since 2006. Roche has three service centers around the world: in Budapest, in San José and in Kuala Lumpur.

The Budapest division of Roche is the largest in terms of labor force and the number of services provided. Since it was established 14 years ago, the company has grown steadily. Initially, it was supporting financial services, now it covers the entire EMEA region, a total of 120 countries, offering financial, procurement, human resources and IT processes support. 31 nationalities with international backgrounds represent the intercultural dynamics of Roche in Budapest. 65% of leaders are women and the average age is 31 at the office. These numbers are unique among service centers.

Despite the fact that the Budapest site of Roche was founded in 2006, the parent company has more than 120 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Roche, a pioneer in healthcare, creates innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that help millions of patients globally. Every time a Hungarian patient visits a hospital or checks his blood sugar, our service center is there working behind the scenes, which fills us with pride.

We are proud to have adapted to the difficulties caused by COVID-19. More than 1000 employees left their offices and switched to remote work in just two days. During this difficult situation we managed to expand our team, allowing our recruitment process to operate uninterrupted. We hold our local and global internal trainings online. Our site never sleeps, developments and improvements are continuous.

Swiss culture determines the identity of our company. People-centered, speak-up culture, passion, innovation, integrity and courage are our key values. All our employees have a voice, and they are encouraged to tell us how we have to perform and work every day. We are a family, a family where all members can find their own path. At Roche, career is in the employees’ hands. We provide development opportunities and career paths for juniors and seniors as well. Everyone can create his/her professional development plan and fulfill it.

We are the leaders in our sector, we want to change the game, showing that the Budapest division of Roche is the “dream workplace” where our colleagues can work 10 or 20 years in professional development, delivering rewarding and complex tasks, and often getting international opportunities.

We are basically a knowledge center. Roche in Budapest is one united, enthusiastic and committed team, whose mission is to provide the same high-quality service to Roche business partners as they provide to patients. Innovative mindset, responsible thinking and secure background is our pride, and what makes us special.

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