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Tata Consultancy Services Limited Magyarországi Fióktelepe

What we do

TCS Hungary has become a Digital Delivery Center since its establishment in 2001. We are offering a broad portfolio of services for our customers in fields like Life Sciences, Finance & Accounting, HR Services, IT Services, IT Service Desk.

We’re proud of our colorful community who are coming from all around the world and representing 90+ nationalities.

Join us & make us even more colorful!

Our selection process

1 Phone Interview + language check

2 Technical Interview

3 HR Interview

4 Management Interview

5 Contract

Our job locations

Cim:  Budapest, Office Garden 3, Alíz utca 4, 1117 Magyarország 

  • Mérnöki, műszaki
  • Informatikai
  • Értékesítés, marketing, HR
  • Pénzügy, számvitel, logisztika
  • Elsősorban nyelvtudást igénylő
  • További területek

Tata Consultancy Services Limited Magyarországi Fióktelepe Jobs

About the company

Tata Consultancy Services Limited Magyarországi Fióktelepe


Why TCS Hungary? – Because we support your personal and professional development

We truly believe in the power of consistent and hard work, therefore we offer multiple internal training options for our Associates: whether it be the highly practical Presentation Skills Training, the Assertive Communication lecture or an Advanced Excel workshop, we cover any other soft skills development aimed occasions you would like to attend. Apart from that, we encourage our Associates’ rotation among our diverse service portfolio (IT Services, IT Service Desk, Life Sciences, Finance & Accounting), therefore you can taste more areas while staying with us!

A great example for this if you speak languages and work for our IT Service Desk field, after the necessary employment period, you’ll be entitled to take internal IT courses led by our Project Leaders & Managers, so that you would have the opportunity to try yourselves out as one of our Junior Developer or Architect. Moreover, we have strong relationships with language learning institutions and after finalizing your probation period, you would also have the opportunity to attend language courses of your choice, free of charge. And last but not least, we choose our management team from inside: that’s how your hard work would pay off and you could get promoted to a higher level position.

Why TCS Hungary? – Because our strength is in our community

We have colorful events where our multicultural communities can meet each other creating unique memories together! During the coldest months we have the online “Treasure Hunting”, or the “TCS Winter Party”, (the last one had a Greek thematic ), but we can also mention the “TCS Picnic” at the end of summer out in the open – and hey, you can also bring your family members to have a memorable day filled with delicious food, painting cars, dancing and attenting different sports activities like volleyball or basketball!

Even in the past few months we offered online events for our Associates, like the yoga lessons, or fitness tips, we had the online “Star of the Year” event where we recognized our top performer colleagues.

We also have a dedicated gym, relax rooms, a library and multiple meeting rooms if you would like to have some privacy.


Writing A Rockstar CV!


Did you know that 80% of the CV’s are rejected in less than 11 seconds?🤔 Did you also know that nearly 50% of all CV’s that are more than 2 pages long are discarded?😲 After shocked by the international statistics, the next question is: how can you get ahead of other applicants?🧐🌟 Our experienced recruiter will help you to give the ultimate boost to your resume by sharing some behind the scenes tips & tricks!📈💡 #ChooseYourOwnPath #FutureWithTCS #theTCSvibe

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Skills, motivation and amazing memories that happen every day: our colleagues sat down and told us a bit about what it means to be a part of TCS Hungary!💼🎬 If you’d like to join our multicultural work environment👋🌟, check our open position here >> bit.ly/TCSH_Career

Skillek, motiváció és izgalmas élmények minden nap: kollégáink mesélnek arról, hogy mit is jelent számukra a TCS Hungary munkatársának lenni!💼🎬 Ha te is csatlakoznál multikulturális közösségünkhöz👋🌟, nézd meg aktuális állásajánlatainkat itt >> bit.ly/TCSH_Career

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Finance & Accounting, Life Sciences positions

Lazar Ivanovic

Recruitment Specialist Lead – Talent Acquisition Group

Email: [email protected]

IT Service Desk positions

Carlos Muller

Recruitment Specialist Lead – Talent Acquisition Group

Email: [email protected]

IT Services positions

Szabolcs Csatari

Recruitment Specialist Lead – Talent Acquisition Group

Email: [email protected]





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